Be you and the universe says YES!

Are you stressed, too much in your head? Would you like to live with more ease and joy?

Videos, Clearing loops, Webinars, Special classes, Forums for support and discussion.... What else is possible?®

Being Oui is an incredible gift in my life.

Sophie's facilitation on monthly webinars is always spot on and the shares from other community members keep expanding me. This community is part of my self-care. It's an important contribution to my lightness and living.


Thank you Sophie for giving me the tools to finally be me.

I am constantly delighted and surprised with your unique and fun approach to creating change.


Yes! This is so great!!!

Just watched the whole video- really expansive!! Love these tools and the way you explain. Thank you Sophie Robert Mihalko!! And now what's possible?



Group coaching about the body, business, relationships and more with the tools that can transform anything!


There are more than 200 videos available on the site on topics of: being you, money, business, relationships, creation and so much more. Each video is designed to give you a tool and a way to apply it easily in your life.

Two languages

More energy

Everything will be in English and in French. If you are only watching and listening in your own language, and things don't change, try the other language. The energy will move faster.

30 day programs

To create anything you want: business, money, relationships, life!


Share your awarenesses and discoveries. Ask for support from your peers and the site's facilitators.

Energetic tools

We will give you and discuss energetic tools that go beyond psychology, beyond spirituality and any mental practice you may know.

How does it get any better than that?

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